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Family Pack Air Dry Clay Kit

Family Pack Air Dry Clay Kit

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This Air Dry Clay - Cold Porcelain clay is ideal for figurine making, bow embellishments, jewellery, keychain and ref magnet decor creation. Create your personalised gift with air dry clay - cold porcelain. It is a creative way to spend time with family and friends to craft clay projects together. This Air Dry Clay Kit includes everything you need to create your family pack mini-me 6cm 2D figurine using the well-crafted silicone mould. It includes, mum, dad, girl, boy and baby. The created figure can be made as keychain, refrigerator magnet, figurine, bow embellishments, paper clip attachments, etc.

This includes:

- 1 pc Family Air Dry Clay Kit
- 12 pcs 50g Air Dry Clay
- 100 pcs eye beads
- 100 pcs eye pins
- 100 pcs head pins
- 20 pcs keychain set
- 3 pcs clay tools
- 1 pc smiley maker

The clay is 50g per pack, wrapped with a plastic cling wrap in a resealable pack to avoid exposure to air.

The cold porcelain type clay is soft, smooth and does not crack. It is good for creating clay art that requires details. It dries, completedly within 3 days (depending on the thickness of your creation).

- Air drying, no baking required thus no toxic chemicals or fumes released while subjected to high temperature.
- Safe, non-toxic ingredients.
- Easy to Form
- Shrinkage of around 10% when dried.
- Hard and Durable when dried, color does not fade in time.

Do not leave your clay exposed to air after doing the craft. Seal the plastic to avoid the clay from drying. For hardened clay, you can still reclaim it by soaking it with water overnight (depending on how hard it is), kneading the clay until soft to form.

For ideal results, add a dustproof and waterproof spray (gloss or matte) to further preserve your creations.

Manelyn Australia Pty Ltd. is a family-owned business based in Sydney, Australia. We’re here to inspire people to express and celebrate quality time by doing clay art and creating enjoyable, fun, and memorable moments. While spending time alone is important for inspiration and creativity, spending quality time with family and friends is just as important.


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