About Us

Proudly started off in Sydney, Australia, Manelyn Clay Art and Crafts is a constantly evolving innovative brand dedicated to bringing the best to all our customers.

While spending time alone is important for inspiration and creativity, spending quality time with family and friends is just as important.

Everything we provide and deliver is designed to be enjoyed from week to weekend so whether your friends are over for a weekend or you want to spend quality time with your children to get a break from the daily grind, we’ve ensured the perfect experience that you need.

Life is busy. Spending time together is important and we realize how you rely on a good company to never let you down. We’re here to inspire people to express and celebrate quality time by doing clay art and create enjoyable, fun, and memorable moments.

Our daughter (5-year-old) was attending a birthday party. We created a personalized keychain as a gift to her friend and saw how excited our daughter was when she saw the keychain that she has as a gift. We saved money on buying a gift, but at the same time, we spent time with our daughter in creating the keychain.

This feeling of sharing quality time with family and letting our inner artists play is what we desire to spread across the world

Today, Manelyn Clay Art and Crafts stands for creating lifelong exquisite memories through our unique, and quality products uplifting the chic of your experience as it sits at the heart of what we do and our belief that only the best will do.

We started off by our belief that looking and doing good should go hand-in-hand as we were obsessed with producing products that we’d love to use ourselves and complement our craft. That’s why we started off with a simple goal: Whatever we do should be good for customers as well as for our passion.

Simply put, we do not want clay artists to spend a lot of money on molds. We maximize the content of mold so that they can create different clay arts using a single mold. For example, others create a mold for a single character, like a mermaid or an animal (1 mold for each character). But for us, we create 1 mold for different characters – like one mold can create a mermaid and different princesses, 1 mold for a family – mother, father, girl, and a boy, with a baby. So – we want to maximize the mold content.

We didn’t start to follow trends; we create them as we acknowledge that every person is unique in their own way. Manelyn Clay Art and Crafts sees clay art as a way to express different sides of ourselves

That is why Manelyn Clay Art and Crafts was created to bring your inner artist and allow you to have fun while still being yourself. What unites us is our passion to create the best as we make this happen by playing to the beliefs and strengths we’ve nurtured throughout these years.

We decided to set up Manelyn Clay Art and Crafts as the cornerstone to fulfilling our passion as it has been a standout among the toughest, yet pleasing challenges we have come across in our life.  Manelyn Clay Art and Crafts is not only a business, it is a community that supports each other. It is a reflection of our confidence, compassion, and care along with following our dreams to equip people with the best.

Today, we are blessed to connect with our customers every day as we build on what we’ve achieved and be recognized as leaders in the market.