Collection: Air Dry Clay - Cold Porcelain

So what is Cold Porcelain? A Cold Porcelain is non-edible air dry clay, easy to form, air-drying and does not need the baking type of modelling clay. Dries within 1-3 days (depends on the size) and produces a porcelain-like texture hence called cold porcelain. It is made of cornflour, oil and glue. It is non-toxic and can easily be made at home. 

Air dry modelling clay: the best gift for kids and adults, especially for those who like DIY projects and craft; playing children and adults alike;

For creative, hands-on fun as a family, this kit is a great activity to try. Kids will be busy with these sculpting clay making accessories all day while engaging in fun, sensory play; Best activity for rainy days, play-dates, birthday parties, parent-child interaction, and more

Durable and Lasts Longer. Unlike super light air dry clay, cold porcelain hardens like a stone once fully cured.